7 Most Common Auto Body Repair in Portland, Oregon


For many, having a safe, reliable car is essential. Over 90% of American workers rely on a personal vehicle to commute to work every day, and that doesn’t even account for other travel needs such as taking kids to school, visiting friends and family, running errands, and more. Car maintenance and repairs are an essential part of keeping your vehicle in top working condition. The repair process can be stressful and tedious, especially if you’ve just been in an accident. But with the right auto body repair shop, this process can be easy and stress-free.

At Mackin’s Auto Body, we understand the difficulties involved with being a car owner, and we make it our mission to complete any and all necessary repairs in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Keep reading to learn about the most common car repairs in Portland, Oregon.


1. Dent Repair


From barely-there indents to major structural depressions, dent repairs are some of the most common auto body services performed in Portland and all over the country. Dents not only impact the look of your car, but they also leave the unprotected metal beneath your paint vulnerable to damage and rust.

When it comes to smaller dings (dents that are less than ½ inch in diameter), many car owners don’t think they need to worry about repairs. But in reality, it’s always advisable to have dents fixed as soon as possible, no matter how small they are. Dents almost always worsen over time, and even tiny ones can grow into structural damage. Mackin’s expert technicians can usually repair even large dents without replacing panels, saving you time and money.


2. Paint Repair


We’ve all walked to our car and seen a scratch or chip in the paint that we hadn’t noticed before. Even minor accidents that don’t cause major structural damage can still compromise your car’s paint. Scratches and scuffs are both cosmetically annoying and can worsen over time, depleting resale value and costing you more money long-term. 

We cover the entire process, from preparation to priming to painting using straightforward, detail-focused methods. No matter the extent of your paint damage, we’ll have your car looking good as new.


3. Bumper Repair


Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of accidents on the road. In many cases, they result in dented or damaged bumpers. A bumper is the metal frame that covers the front and back of your vehicle. Because modern bumpers are covered in a layer of plastic, this is the first part of your car to get damaged during this type of collision. 

Luckily, bumpers can usually be repaired without having to replace the parts. This ultimately makes the process much quicker and less expensive. We won’t replace your damaged bumper without exhausting every repair alternative.


4. Fender Repair


While many people use the words bumper and fender interchangeably, they describe different parts of your vehicle. While a bumper protects the front and back of your car, the fender is an entirely metal structure that frames the wheels. Both fender and bumper repairs are generally straightforward. They’re often the result of a fender bender or collision with a stationary object. In most cases, your fender can be repaired using specialized bending equipment and we’ll only consider replacement as a last resort.



5. Windshield Repair


Windshield damage is a common, yet often overlooked, result of auto collisions. Of course, major crashes can lead to exploding glass and almost entirely destroy your windshield. But even minor crashes and fender benders can result in damage to the glass – and this damage isn’t just cosmetic.

Windshield damage, especially hairline cracks near the frame of the car, can grow substantially if left unnoticed and can make your car more vulnerable to collapse. So, even if you don’t see any obvious signs of windshield damage after a collision, it’s a good idea to have it thoroughly checked to catch early signs.


6. Frame Alignment & Panel Repair


After an accident, especially one that causes damage to the side of your vehicle, the frame of your car and the door panels can be impacted. Frame and panel repairs are essential for the integrity and safety of your vehicle. The frame of your car can easily become misaligned due to impact. In order to fix this, we use specialized machines to realign your frame and conduct door repair and replacement if necessary. 

A misaligned frame can easily be overlooked. Even if your car looks fine at first glance, a tilted frame can cause your car to veer to one side while driving, put pressure on your shocks and suspension, and impact functioning to your doors and wheels.



7. Full Collision Repair


Serious collisions are frightening, costly, and can take a toll on your health and wellbeing. When it comes to major accidents, your vehicle might sustain intense damage to multiple areas, and its overall structure can be compromised. If you require extensive, full-body repairs to your vehicle after an accident, you’re not alone.

We know that having to undergo extensive repairs can take a toll, and losing access to a vehicle you rely on can be a practical and financial burden. That’s why we take the time to go over every last detail of the repair process so we can offer you an accurate estimate to help you plan. Luckily, over 80% of auto body repairs are covered under insurance. Mackin’s accepts virtually all types of car insurance and we work directly with your insurance company to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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With nine locations in the Portland and SW Washington area, free and accurate estimates, lifetime warranties on all repairs, and direct handling of all insurance claims, Mackin’s is the best and most trustworthy auto body repair shop in the PNW. 

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